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Young boy with his bike eating food at the Voter Registration Picnic at Farview Park in 1986.

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Disiples Ministry Church building AKA Mikro Kodesh Synagogue

Top-The Voter Registration Picnic- A young boy is eating a BBQ sandwich at the Voter Registration Picnic. A future voter came by bike to enjoy a chilly fall day at the park and the free food that was served. The picnic informed future voters about how to use the new voting booths in the upcoming election.

Above-Pastor Paul's Historic Mikro Kodesh Synagogue lighted at dusk-Minneapolis Architect S. J. Bowler incorporated several motifs into the design of the synagogue such as Domes and semi-circular pediment that echo Byzantine sources. The towers and arched windows are Romanesque. The horizontal and vertical symmetry and pediment ground level entries suggest Classical balance and order.

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